GRB manufactures mechanical components using fine blanking, conventional blanking, sizing, drawing, precision machining, prototyping, design and manufacturing of dies, assembly lines.
GRB - Fine blanking, Conventional blanking, Transfer blanking, Drawing, Machining, Assembly lines
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Assembly lines

The assembly of small units made up of special components manufactured by GRB has always been a service requested by customers.

Certified and tested assembly units are provided thus allowing customers to directly feed the production lines that manufacture machines or mechanisms.

Assembly is carried out without joining elements by means of press riveting and welding with or without filler metal or with joining elements, such as nails, rivets, screws, and so on.


Assembly lines Assembly lines Assembly lines
GRB Production

Production of components with:

Fine blanking presses from 160 tons to 630 tons
Conventional presses from 30 tons to 400 tons
Machining lines
Sandind machine
Tapping machines
Special drilling machines
Chamfering machines
Trimming machines

The company is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM systems for die designs; the tooling shop has machines for the relative toolings construction and maintenance procedures.

Auxiliary services:

Deburring, sanding and grinding are operations normally carried out inside the factory.

For heat and surface treatments, the company uses qualified outside suppliers.

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Fine blanking | Conventional blanking | Drawing | Machining | Assembly lines | Dies
Heat Treatment | Grinding
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